Santos Women’s Tour/TDU mini micro preview

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Oopss, I got sucked in by my new toy Google Earth Pro. If you don’t see a video of the 4 stages below then you can click here.

So no time to do even a mini preview, soz. The weather is forecast to be cooler than the average for this time of year around the start of stage 1 in Hahndorf. At 22 to 23°C it’ll be warm with a chance of rain, and a SW wind of around 16-17 km/h. The stage finishes in Meadows which will have similar conditions but will be slightly cooler at 20°C. Stage 2 takes place in a much warmer Adelaide but luckily it’ll be in the evening. 23°C with a clear sky and a southerly wind of around 15km/h. Stage 3 starting in Tanunda and finishing in Lyndoch will…….HELL. 33 to 35°C, strong sunshine and a northerly wind that won’t help much at around 11km /h. A good crop of DNFs expected for sure. Stage 4 is back in Adelaide, mercifully in the evening. However it’ll still be just under 30°C and a NW wind of around 20km/h.

Even though the race is starting in a few hours the final startlist is still undergoing changes. Things are different this year as the teams are more international, and there has been quite a large number of transfers (or at least seems like it). Orica Scott, Cylance, Canyon SRAM and Ale Cippolini are the strongest teams, with Wiggle H5 and Drops very close behind. Holden, UHC, HB Supermint look like they will be causing trouble and the local teams with some WWT team guest riders will obviously have the home advantage. Along with the well known names, it’s worth watching out for Malgorzata Jasinska, Ann Sophie Duyck, Alice Barnes, Grace Garner, Louisa Lobigs,  Rushlee Buchanan and Janneke Ensing. Shannon Malseed has already had a great result at the Aussie Nats too.

So, let’s see how 2017 starts then…