Tour of Chongming Island – how to watch

There are two official channels carrying the race. CCTV5 and 5 Star Sports, aka Shanghai Sports Channel aka Great Sports aka Wuxing Ti Yu. You have to search for them using the native language, not english, otherwise all you will find is the unsafe link that has been passed around (ironically by Cylance too, who are an anti-virus company.Silly billys.)

For CCTV5, if you have Chrome or Firefox you can use their online streaming service  You will be given instructions on how to install their CNTV Live2 plugin/extension if you click on the red link, and then to allow the plugin to have access to your browser (or just search for the plugin manually. Personally I don’t want to install anything I don’t need to but if you remember to uninstall later you should be ok.

If you don’t have those browsers or you don’t want to install anything then you can try It can get hit by buffering quite badly but if you pause for half a minute it should play smoothly.

For 5 Star Sports the official website is with links to the race going to however it seems to show the same channel for each option. There is another livestream at but I didn’t get a chance to check it this morning. I’m wondering if this is actually a radio station but it keeps being described as tv.