Drentse Acht van Westerveld preview

Source: Race website, sat24.com, Cyclingfever

Map, profile and partial Google Streetview video of route:



Line can be found here.

Similar roads to Ronde van Drenthe on Saturday, including two Vamberg climbs, but this has a few differences that push it more towards the all rounders. The wind is going to be stronger (21kmh) and there is a cobbled section closer to the finish. The route covers the course twice, starting and ending each time in the centre Dwingeloo, before ending with 3 smaller circuits around the centre of the elongated 8 shape of the route (just after the last of the cobbles).

The line up is almost identical to yesterday for most teams, although all eyes will be on Marianne Vos (RaboLiv) after a year off with poor health. Wiggle H5 have brought in Audrey Cordon, and Boels Dolmans will not have Chantal Blaak or Lizzie Armitstead. When Wiggle h5 have a poor race (Ronde van Drenthe, review up soon) they tend to make it up 100 fold the next time.

Not going to pick any team or rider in particular, it’ll just be interesting to see how riders cope with the heavy racing and/or disappointment from the day before and also see how Vos is riding now.