Cholet Pays de Loire Dames cancelled, Sheyla Gutiérrez on starting 2016, Nicola Cranmer discusses sponsorship woes of 2013

Sources: Original plus Cyclism’ , Ben’s Cycle

Cholet Pays de Loire Dames, which was due to take place on the 20th March, has been cancelled due to lack of funds. When asked if it would take place in 2017 a spokesperson for the organisers said it was too early to say.

Cylance’s Sheyla Gutiérrez will be starting 2016 in Argentina at the Tour Feminino de San Luis, riding with the Spanish national team. The former Lointek rider ended 2015 suffering from a bad oral infection, so will not be seeking a result just yet.

Nicola Cranmer, the owner of Twenty 16 p/b Sho-Air, discussed how the lose of a major sponsor in 2013 taught her not to rely solely on sponsorship support. Exergy initially continued sponsoring the womens team after pulling out of the mens side in 2012, but eventually withdrew entirely. Cranmer now has funds set aside, along with taking a personal salary cut. (Full interview can be found here.)